Calcell cdv 7000 схема

calcell cdv 7000 схема
Row Enable Input — Pin 23 High input selects row, low input selects column addresses of the driven memories. V CC — Pi» 24 • +5 V power supply input. Representative Diagrams MC7S4xx Series MC147x Series Tl-iil-liHif (MC76451/MC75461) MC75450 — Simitar to MC75451, but with uncommitted output transistors. The EGC range is from essentially zero to 7.5 (unbalanced). Active Differentiation — Active differentiation requires minimum external passive component count. Input 1 0| Termination (R T ) ‘( + 7.5 V) TRUTH TABLE far Inch input n logic 1 Input Output Enable Output 1 Output 2 1(11 > -200 uA 1121 -OflA 1 1 1 1(11 -OflA 112) > 200 tlA 1 O 1 1 Nagatlve Currant! Ampllflar Response Wa«aforms Enabla Response Wavaf orrra Amplifier Input o V — T«tPo.n, ^ J|v t f & tf — 2.0m + 0.2 ns Measured 20X to BOS Output 1A VfJH Vol VOH vol Enable input hold it -1.S9 Vdc for Ampllf tor Rnponjt Tarn. High Logic State HOH—‘0mAI voh 3.0 4.0 V input Clamp Voltage MlK—12mA) V|K -0.8 -1.5 V Power Supply Current IV C C ■ 5.5 V) ice 95 125 mA SWITCHING CHARACTERISTICS (Unless otherwise noted.

The «Motorola Direct Replacement» column lists devices with identical pin connections and package and the same or better electrical characteristics and tempera- ture range. Input* A < IE Output A "j"T Channel O Outputs Both devices: l "9"] Input C Ta - to 70°C Packages: L Suffix - Cats 620 P Suffix - Case 648 Output AJC Control Channel C Output! The select line is the same as for the Gain Stage multiplexing. This allows logic-controlled (TTL compatible) selection of either of a pair of single-ended to differential gain stages. With Schottky TTL technology for high performance, and high input Impedance for minimum loading of the MPU bus, the MC3480 reduces package count, and reduces system access/cycle times by 30%. The chip enable allows expansion to larger-word capacity.
The impedance of the ground bus can be reduced by in- creasing its width. At least a SO mil ground width is recommended. Wtre length should ba < 1/4" from test point to pin or BNC connector. Motorola JEDEC PROCESSED products complement JAN-QUALI- FIED products by making available hi-rel versions of nearly all Motorola full-temperature range circuits, while adding the advantage of hi-rel standardization.

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