Эл схема ниссан блюберд su 14

Unlike the Australian models the sedans used the independent rear suspension system of the Japanese specification models. Данная модель не получила широкого распространения, и в 1986 году выпускается обновленная версия Nissan Sunny. The use of the 710 name was a source of confusion because it implied that the model was either a larger, upscale version of the 610 (it was the opposite) or a newer model in the Bluebird line. Это поколение Седрика также выпускалось с левым рулем для экспорта в страны Ближнего Востока.

This facelift was penned by Paul Beranger, a former Holden designer – years later he would style the 2006 Toyota Aurion. In 1980, a limited edition 200B Aspen GL sedan was released featuring distinctive shadow tone paint available in green, blue, or grey. The 110 series was available as a sedan or as the rare W110/112/113 station wagon, which had a horizontally split tail gate. Gross horsepower ratings are 110 and 107 respectively.[28][29] Until the 1977 introduction of the six-cylinder 810, the 610 was Datsun’s largest car sold in North America. Another 610 never exported was the inline-six U-2000 GT and U-2000 GTX (nicknamed «shark-nose» in Japanese), which shows some visual similarities to the Pontiac GTO and Oldsmobile Cutlass. The three-door hatchback Auster GT-ES was equipped with a five-speed manual transmission. Это поколение получило двигатели V6 серии VG, вдохновленные дизайном двигателей Alfa Romeo, благодаря партнерству Nissan и Alfa Romeo во время выпуска автомобиля Alfa Romeo Arna.
Retrieved 2010-12-06. ^ Lamm, Michael (January 1981). «and the new Datsun 810». Popular Mechanics. The growth of the Sunny and Pulsar models from below meant there was little room for it. Our f riend and member – Mr György Stiller – organized for… Read More The Association of the Clef’s D’Or Hungary held its February meeting in the Buda Gastro & Entertainment complex.

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